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Since 2003 we established our Apexes Chem Company, we have been focusing on the custom synthesis and manufacturing services for fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and rare reagents in Biotech, Pharmacy, and Specialty Chemical industries. Through decade’s development, we already have moved a big forward in our assistance facilities and technology development capabilities and managements. Our professional technical team, well-equipped synthesis and analytical labs, batch manufacturing workshop for mass production and small scale production, as well as our superior managements. All of these make us have clear advantages than our competitors.

We have a lot of potentialities of technology development. We know the importance of understanding the customers’ voice. We have a wide product range by having the advantages of technology innovation ability and rich product lines, and can be able to provide more options for customers and to better meet their needs with all these options. Actually, we’d love to the customers bring their new projects and requirements of products to our company; we can provide customers packaged solutions to solve the issues of products and technology by process development, technical support, customer synthesis, batch manufacturing and continue to improve products to better meet the changing customers’ requirements. In Apexes Chem, we will try our best to satisfy your requirements.

Unlike the traditional industry sales model, we greatly make an emphasis on the pre-sale, sale and after-sale technical support. We attach great importance to whatever each specific requirement from our customers. From technical requirements, quality requirements, quantity requirements, package requirement to delivery requirements, we will efficiently, comprehensively and accurately operate each order from our clients. Actually, we are well experienced in this line for years. Our dynamic, qualified, and available team knows how to implement all the works necessary to meet the needs of the customers and to guarantee them quality and respect for deadlines.
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